Site Surveying

Workplaces can be a dangerous environment to work in in some cases. This means that there may be hazards present on the worksite which may be damaging to human health and in some cases could also lead to death of the employees working there. Most of the times, planning can be done in such a way that most hazards can be avoided or the risk of being exposed to that hazard can be minimised. However, this assumes a very important factor, which may not always be true, and that is that the hazard has been identified and the place where it occurs is known. In many cases, this is not possible and further site investigation has to occur for the hazard to be accurately be pinpointed in a particular space. Go here for more information about hazardous chemicals consultant. 

Hazmat is a leading Australian better dangerous goods consultant. With extensive experience throughout the industry, we have a significant amount of experience in dealing with all kinds of hazardous goods and materials. With our specialised team, your on-site team can have the peace of mind that their safety has been thoroughly considered and that the workplace would be free from most hazards. With the experience of our team and the fact that all our employees are properly trained in this regard, we ensure that you do not have to deal with any hazards in your workplace and any existing hazards that might be there are dealt with appropriately, in a way which is the least harmful to the environment and ensures that people remain safe.

Common Site Hazards

A common site hazard which may be the case in some areas which may have been bombed during wars is the presence of unexploded bombs and other ordinance. When bombs are dropped in a place, there is a possibility that some of these bombs did not explode. Although, they did not explode at that time, it does not mean that the bombs did not have a payload and will not explode at any time, rather, they are a threat and if handled in the wrong way, they can explode which can lead to catastrophic damage which may also include a loss of life. Proper site investigation is therefore extremely important in areas which have been known to have been bombed. A more common hazard than unexploded bombs is the presence of land mines which have been placed and their positions are not known. The nature of land mines is such that they are hidden from sight and are undetectable by sight or feel until a time when it is too late. This can lead to loss of life and damage to equipment and is a hazard which needs to be dealt with appropriately.

All in all, if you need to ensure that your work site is free from any hazards which may be visible or not, then Hazmat should be your first choice. With a broad experience, we ensure that your worksite is safe to work with and any hazards are appropriately dealt with!